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Fri | 11am — 2pm, 4pm — 12am
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(Reservations accepted for parties of 8+ or for kamayan Thursdays)

KAMAYAN Thursdays

By reservation only. Party minimum of 2, maximum of 12.
Reservation cutoff at 5pm Wednesday nights

E-mail contact@apoympls.com to reserve or for more info.

Decrease in guest count/cancellation must be made within 24 hours of reserved time or a fee will be charged per absentee. Increase in guest count without prior notification will result in an upcharge.


What is Kamayan?

Kamayan is a Filipino tradition in which no utensils are used. Food is prepared and beautifully arranged along banana leaves for a group to eat entirely by hand; It’s a feast of Filipino finger food! Give us a call or e-mail to book your kamayan today!

What is included?

We offer a combination of meat and seafood with a medley of vegetables all neatly laid on a bed of rice. Our kamayan typically includes: red & green peppers, onion, bok choi, longbean, eggplant, lumpia, chicken inihaw (skewers), lechon, longaniza, tocino, fried fish, and small bowl of our bicol express (shrimp & mussels in a coconut-ginger broth).

We are more than willing to exclude food items to accommodate most dietary restrictions and allergies (vegetarian, vegan, shellfish allergy, etc.). Simply state any restrictions in your reservation e-mail.