Sun | 11am — 2pm (brunch), 4pm — 10pm
Mon | Closed
Tue | 11am — 2pm, 4pm — 10pm
Wed | 11am — 2pm, 4pm — 10pm
Thu | 11am — 2pm, 4pm — 10pm
Fri | 11am — 2pm, 4pm — 12am
Sat | 11am — 2pm (brunch), 4pm — 12am
(Reservations accepted for parties of 8+ or for kamayan Thursdays)

Curt, Shawn, and Sherwin

Curt, Shawn, and Sherwin


Who are you? What the heck is Apoy?

We are a Filipino restaurant in Minneapolis started by three friends with creative minds. We named it "Apoy."

Apoy is the word for "fire" in Tagalog, the main dialect of the Philippines. If you are pronouncing "Tagalog" as if it's a schoolyard game you would play with a piece of lumber, you are saying it wrong.

Where you at?

We’re located in South Minneapolis on 43rd and Nicollet

I’ve never had Filipino food, what is it?

Good question. Simply put, it’s comfort food using Latin ingredients with Asian cooking techniques; a result of the Spanish colonization and influence on the islands. It’s a very unique cuisine and we’d be more than glad to introduce it to you.

Will I like it?


Do you serve alcohol?

We offer beer and wine and will soon be able to serve liquor.

As of 2019 the Kingfield neighborhood is newly zoned for restaurants to be able to serve liquor as opposed to strictly beer and wine.